Rent Collection Los Angeles

Rent Collection Los Angeles | Rent Collection Orange County

Smart Partner Property Management’s rent collection policy is hassle free for you and we make every effort to work with the tenant to bring in payment without having to resort to legal action. Each lease specifies that rent is due by the first calendar day of each month, and is late 2 days thereafter. So rent not received by the close of the third calendar day is considered late. We contact tenants on the fourth day to notify tenants regarding payment if they do not respond that same day we then issue a three day pay or quit. The three day period is the fifth, sixth, and seventh days of the month with some special exceptions due to holidays and or weekends. About ninety percent of the time, tenants who are delinquent on their rent pay within this three day period. If not Smart Partner engages our attorney to begin processing an unlawful detainer or eviction immediately. Our attorney also files a judgment with the courts and and works with the collection agency to collect past due rent.

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